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Have you thought about standing for election to the Merthyr Town FC Board but don't know what the process is?

Below is the process for election to the Board of Directors at Merthyr Town FC

By 1st December

  • The Board identifies those who should stand down before the coming year’s election.
  • The Board appoints an Election Management Group containing three people and include at least one non Society member, who should chair the group.
  • A date for the AGM is agreed.

By 1st January

  • A nomination letter is issued to all members.
  • The letter will also announce the date of the AGM and describe the process for bringing resolutions to the AGM.
  • The nomination letter can be issued by post to all members. The nomination letter will indicate that a statement of a maximum of 200 words is encouraged to accompany the nomination. If the statement exceeds 200 words, the statement published in the voting process will only include the first 200 words.
  • Nominations will need to be made by three Society members. Society members may only nominate two candidates. 

The deadline for nominations will be 22 January.

  • At the same time as the issue of the nomination letter, a letter is issued explaining that any complaints about the operation of the election should be addressed to the chair of the Election Management Group by post or email. The chair of the group will have a final say on the complaint, although the decision may be appealed under the Society’s normal complaints procedure.

By 1st February

  • Ballot papers will be issued to all members by post by 31 January, along with nominee’s 200 word statement.
  • To avoid fraud each ballot paper will have a number written on it. The numbers will be allocated randomly. If two ballot papers are returned with the same number, the Election Management Group will decide if it will materially affect the overall result. If it does the election will be declared void and will be re run.


By 21st February

  • All votes should be returned and counted by the Election Management Group asap. Results to be announced immediately.



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